It's like riding a bike.  Just takes practice.

It's like riding a bike.  Just takes practice.

The intention of SoulShine Yoga is to promote union and vitality through the practice of yoga. We contribute creatively to the community by providing a fun and sacred space for students to connect with themselves – aligning mind, body and spirit (however they define it)- with the objective that they take this connectedness off their mats and share it with the community, the environment and essentially, all beings / life.

*Check-in at front desk before each class.

*If it’s your first time to SoulShine, please arrive 10 minutes early to become acquainted with the studio, and to sign a waiver.  

*Bring a mat if you have one, a towel and water bottle.  Wear comfortable, work out clothes. ( SSY has mats to rent / purchase if you do not have one yet.)

*Parking is available along San Elijo Road and in the Albertson's parking lot. 

*You can reserve a spot for class online here. While this is not necessary, it is suggested for our busier class times: M-F 5:30am, 9am and 6:30pm; S/S mornings. If you do reserve a spot online, please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Within the 5 minutes before class (if you have not arrived and it is necessary) your spot will be forfeited to walk-in customers. 

*Be mindful to remove shoes at the front entrance.

*Upon entering the front door, please use a soft voice to respect the atmosphere as class may be in session.

*Please turn cell phones off, to silent or airplane mode.  Note, a vibrating phone on the floor makes a lot of noise.

*Be sure to mention any injuries or concerns to your instructor prior to class start.  Monitoring and editing your movements to accommodate remains your responsibility.

*Take each class at your own pace, enJOY yourself and come into any resting posture when needed.