Come in, get comfy and listen to the healing sounds of the Tibetan/Crystal Bowls.  They "sing".  

This will be a restorative yoga class to the sounds and vibrations of the bowls.

The practice of restorative yoga makes use of props- bolsters, blocks, and blankets- to create a soft support for the body so that is can easily relax and let go of tension. An easy, gentle pose is held for an extended time (3 - 10 minutes) giving the body plenty of time to release and come back into its natural, serene state. The long holds also encourage the body to restore itself, let go of resistance and feel renewed. 

In this special class, the poses will be practiced while you bask in the sweet sounds of the Quartz Crystal & Tibetan bowls. The vibrations of these sounds are known to have a very soothing effect on the nervous system which can assist you in accessing a deeply meditative state, mind-body alignment, and peaceful state of being.

*Note: We will provide the necessary props, but feel free to bring your favorite pillow or blanket or eye mask with you for added comfort.

It's a game-changer!  You should be there!

6:30pm April 18

$15 pp until Friday, April 11th | $25 pp after April 11th