Pyramid Pose:

-From Warrior 1, keep feet as they are and front knee bent then bring hands to mat(this keeps the feet at hip-width distance, more advanced is to have the heels in line with each other)

-Straighten legs and fold torso over the front leg

-Ground down into the feet and activate legs in an equal way to level hips and sacrum

-Front hip pulls back and back hip pushes forward to help equalize

-Engage the legs equally and lengthen through the torso

-Square torso over front leg and bring it toward the leg to the degree of your flexibility

-Lengthen the spine and pull shoulder blades together and away from ears

-Lift toes slightly

-Gaze down or toward the belly button

To Modify the Pose:

-Keep front knee bent

-Hands to block(s)

-If stance is longer, bring back heel up