Extended Side Angle Pose

From Warrior 2...

Maintain your lunge and reach your front hand forward as far as you can to lengthen your spine.

Tilt your torso directly over your front knee and place your elbow lightly on it or just to the inside of it.

Revolve your top shoulder up to stack it on top of the other.

Engage your core and side bodies to add stability and remove any curve in your lower abdomen.

Create a straight line from your top shoulder to your back foot by deepening your lunge if necessary.  This may mean moving your back foot farther away.

Press the outside-edge of your back foot into the mat for integrity and full engagement of and support in the legs.

Keep the front knee pointed straight forward and do not allow it to extend past the ankle joint toward the toes.

Option to extend your top hand forward to create a strong diagonal line from your top hand's fingers to your back foot.

Enjoy the pose for 3-5 breaths of equal parts power and ease.