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Serendipity: Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.

Our story has been serendipitous!  An initial connection in yoga, a chance meeting, a conversation that must have been highly blessed....

Martina has lived all over the country.  She and her family moved to San Elijo Hills from the Chicago area in the summer of 2013 pursuing a better quality of life.  She delights in what she has found here with the lovely climate, abundant sunshine, seascapes and mellow people.

Aminy and her husband Erik, lived in SEH 2004-2016- a long time!  They have just recently relocated to Escondido.  They have two daughters, Ella & Cardiff, plus a dog, cat and now, some chickens! 

Martina and Aminy both dedicated the last decade to their families as work/play-at-home moms. For balance, they found solace within the walls of different yoga studios and in time became certified yoga teachers. They met in one of Aminy's yoga classes and soon after, discovered they were next door neighbors!  A short conversation ensued, where Martina mentioned she also taught yoga and very much wanted to co-own a studio.  Aminy said she would gladly introduce her to the yoga community and did... but only a few months after this initial conversation, an opportunity popped up in San Elijo Hills, and they decided to collaborate because their vision for a yoga community was so complimentary.  SoulShine Yoga was born (January 2014).