YOU are an inspiration!

Namaste SoulShiners! 

During this lovely Spring season of expansion, we wanted to remind you of your potential to transform and observe how patient, calm, trusting, intuitive, strong and healthy you are!

We opened the doors of SoulShine a bit over a year ago with the vision of creating an inviting and comforting studio; to practice yoga, enhance your vitality, to connect with your truest Self, and to cultivate a community family. 

And you have arrived!! A genuine, dedicated community family exists in SEH. We are inspired by every single one of you! You arrive consistently. You are committed to peace, growth, and the evolution of your practice...we could not be more grateful!  By coming together on your mats, offering your unique traits, talents, wisdom and love, YOU are contributing sweetly to the collective consciousness of this community. THANK YOU!