Apache Prayer

"Looking behind, I am filled with GRATITUDE.

Looking forward, I am filled with VISION.

Looking upward, I am filled with STRENGTH.

Looking within, I discover PEACE."

This "poem" offers great opportunity to acknowledge these things IN YOU: gratitude, vision, strength, and peace.  

You can journal on each sentence,...

Looking behind for the GOOD and feeling grateful even if the experiences that rise up for you are ones you would judge as "bad", you can look for the good and the learning in them and feel GRATITUDE.

You can pause to look forward, and VISUALIZE where you see yourself in 3-5 years.  Aim HIGH with your VISION!  Write it down. 

"Looking upward", you can reflect on what you call Spirit and realign with your STRENGTH by having faith and trust.  Journal 3 sentences on it.

Finally, you can pause with your eyes closed for a few minutes and DISCOVER the PEACE that is ALWAYS within you.   Notice how you feel when you are aligned with your center and write a few sentences again.  

 Use "I am" statements - they are incredibly powerful.  EnJOY!