30 Days= Habits

Research shows that if you commit to something for a 30 day period, habit forms. Habits can be good and bad of course, but let's focus on the good. If you could 'magically' establish any habit for yourself, what would it be? Take a moment to picture your life with this new Habit... How great will you feel! The most effective life-long change you can make is to learn positive, healthy habits.

We're starting our 30 Day Challenge on Monday, April 7th. Our challenge is to complete 21 or 28 classes in 30 days. For some, it will be the challenge of stepping up from 3 classes per week to 5. And for others, it will be the challenge of committing the time as family members are also affected by our commitments. Perhaps you will become a catalyst for change amongst others who could use new positive, healthy habits. 

The SoulShine cOMmUNITY is here to support you! As we work toward implementing new habits in our lives, we may experience a wide range of emotions; fear, doubt, joy, and bliss. We'll keep each other honest and log our classes on the chart in the studio. Stay tuned for prizes  to those who finish! Take this journey with us and honor your Mind, Body & Spirit.


-Every class offered at SoulShine can be used toward this challenge

-21 or 28? It's up to you! This is not a competition. What do you feel like you're ready for?

-You'll keep track of your own progress using a wall chart at the studio

-Members:: Free

-Non-members:: One time option, an Unlimited Month for $108. Your current classes or packages (if any) will be put on hold. This may be purchase in studio only.


- Cannot be combined with any other offer
- Valid for yoga studio classes only

- Limited time special offer purchase $108 for non-members:: Valid April 7th, 2014 – May 6th, 2014 (limit 1 per person; may purchase as gifts)

- Must be activated by April 7th, 2014 and fully redeemed by May 6th, 2014