Merry has been practicing yoga since she moved to California from the East Coast in 2003. At first it was a way to stretch out during her marathon running years. It turned into a lot more as her thirst for yogic practices and philosophy grew. Merry completed her first yoga teacher training in Encinitas in 2013, and continues to explore all of what yoga has to offer. She has completed over 500 hours in teacher trainings in Power yoga, Hatha yoga, and Sculpt. Her love for teaching has also lead her to assist in training others in a Hatha yoga teacher training as well. "Yoga has expanded my awareness; I live from a much more from a heart-centered place than ever before. I just love yoga so much! It is an incredible honor to share it." Merry is a Reiki Master and offers a healing and compassionate space for her students to take a break from being themselves, and explore the connection of mind, body and spirit. Her favorite styles to practice are yin, flowy vinyasa, sculpt and kundalini yoga. 

Merry loves sunshine, puppies, hugs, and other people's boats. On her free time, she can be found whistling while hiking, laughing with friends, and soaking up the sun set. She's always on the look out for her next favorite sunny patio or grassy park to relax on. She keeps extra beach blankets in her car just in case she can sneak in some time with nature at any given time. 

During the week, she's daydreaming about yoga while working as a Dermatology Nurse at UCSD.