Martina’s fascination with yoga began in Denver more than a decade ago.  After a surprisingly dynamic class, she was hooked! - her body felt challenged, her spirit warmed, and her mind expanded.  She began practicing regularly, which eventually evolved into teaching.  

Believing there is magic in all of us- individually and collectively- Martina offers her students the opportunity to align mind, body and spirit, which ultimately, can connect them with that peaceful, magical place within. 

She appreciates that positive grows positive. You will frequently hear her suggest affirmations, setting positive intentions and choosing grateful thoughts.  Doing these things individually she says, we contribute favorably to the better good.

She has done a wide range of teacher trainings- from restorative and meditation to power vinyasa- and taken classes from many "master" teachers.  She finds total delight in continuing to expand her knowledge base and personal yoga practice.

You will find her quicker paced classes to be playful, creative and flowy, with plenty of opportunity to invert and balance.  Come to her class ready to "play"!   

Martina is the owner of SoulShine.