Kim has been practicing yoga for twenty years. It has gifted her with body awareness, deep healing, a spiritual path, and community. She offers yoga as a way of supporting others on their return to wholeness. Kim loves all the layers of yoga: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic. She has found that the practice on the mat mirrors how we live our life off the mat. By approaching the practice with presence, deepening awareness, and curiosity, we can transform our body, our perspective, and our life. 

Kim's personal mission is to create safe and sacred spaces where people can tap into their inner landscape in order to heal and evolve so that they can shine their authentic light into the world. Through her Yoga Nidra teaching, Kim guides simple movements to release surface tension so that students can relax deeply during guided meditation, allowing the body to bring forth its natural healing and restorative abilities. This gentle yet powerful practice expands consciousness through being and receiving rather than doing.