Yoga began for Kate 15 years ago as a supplemental workout and, actually, she left her first class feeling frustrated and somewhat embarrassed given her lack of flexibility and her inability to do most of the postures. Having heard so many friends talk about the power of yoga, though, she stuck with it – and it soon turned into something her body craved daily. Yoga has become a life’s passion, showing Kate a whole new path of discovery that has enriched and transformed her body, mind & spirit – and she knows it can do powerful things for you too.

Kate has taught several forms of group fitness, including barre, HIIT, bootcamp, yoga and FlowLIFT. Her classes are dynamic, fun, and highly motivating (with killer playlists!) Kate loves watching her students tap into their fullest potential and walk out of class shining - no matter where they are on their yoga or fitness journey.

Yoga has taught Kate that there is no finish line, just a continual, beautiful journey of growth. Kate is married and a mother of 3 kids (+ a fluffy dog.)  She loves food, hiking, travel and anything that involves the ocean.