Journey through the medicine wheel


Journey through the Medicine Wheel

led by Kim Lottes
Shamanism, Yoga Nidra, and Psychology to Heal Your Past, Live in the Present, and Create Your Future

 In this workshop series, we’ll move through the four directions of the medicine wheel over eight weeks, spending two weeks in each direction.


Intro to Shamanism
Guided Nidra Journey to Sacred Garden
Identify Conditioning and Limiting Core Beliefs
Shamanic Journey to Meet your Animal Guide
Guided Nidra to Chamber of Contracts

What is the Shadow Self?
Feeding your Shadow
Guided Nidra Journey to Healer Within
Shamanic Journey to Clear Ancestral Patterning
Four Chamber Soul Retrieval

Identify your Values
Create Strings of Values
Guided Nidra Journey to Highest Self
Defining Success
Shamanic Journey to Meet your Spirit Guide

Life Visioning
Guided Nidra Journey in Life Vision Categories
Shamanic Journey to Ask about Purpose
Year Ahead Oracle Card Spread

 What You Get
8 weeks of in person education, healing, direct experience, and community
4 Recorded Nidra Journeys (Sacred Garden, Animal Guide, Spirit Guide, Chamber of Contracts)
Meeting and building relationships with your Guides and the ability to continue journeying to them for the rest of your life
Manual with resources and tools as well as a reference guide for future exploration

$750 paid over three months ($250 when you register and $250 due Nov 8 and Dec 8)
$675 paid up front when you register

 Space is limited.

Sundays October 13-December 8 from 2pm-4pm at SOULSHINE YOGA STUDIO
*Not meeting Thanksgiving weekend (December 1)

For questions or to register, contact Kim: 415.308.4692 or