Here are some things about Jenna you may not learn from her classes:


What is your favorite food?

I enjoy eating clean and healthy, but give me a slice (or 3...) of Wine Steal's gluten free veggie pizza, and I'm happy lady. They have the perfect veggie-to-cheese ratio.


You have travelled. What has been one of your favorite places?

Asking me to name my favorite place is like asking a parent to choose a favorite child! In 2015, I spent 3 months living in a little mountain village in the Indian Himalayas and that adventure will always hold a special place in my heart. It was everything people tell you to expect; the food, colors, smells, spirituality and crowded cities were electric. This trip nudged me out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to a different (more colorful) way of seeing the world, where anything is possible. 

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We appreciate that you take time to theme your classes. What's coming up this month?

I'm always interested in how we can use yoga to enhance our daily lives and deepen our experiences throughout life. I'm excited to share a class I call 'De-Vicing from Our Devices.' Think lots of neck & shoulder release. We'll get curious about our vices, whether that's being hooked to our phones or something else (hello, gluten free veggie pizza!). And we'll practice remaining calm even when things are challenging. We practice with little things like a yoga pose or arm balance so we know how to breathe, move and navigate through the bigger question marks that life hands us.


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