Iejnno (Gino) approaches yoga to nourish the body, mind, and spirit with love and opportunity, on and off the mat.

He has always been active and fascinated with many sports such as, Boxing, and Tae Kwon Do (receiving his first-degree black belt at the age of ten). The desire to find discipline and freedom within the body, Iejnno later found both through yoga. Introduced to yoga around the age of twelve, he then committed to his practice back in 2010 starting with Bikram Yoga, then discovered his true connection with vinyasa yoga in winter of 2011. The warmth of the community and support from the teachers guided him through a new journey, growing spiritually and finding his authentic self. 

His passion is to instruct vinyasa flow, yoga sculpt and to inspire others as he was inspired. Discovering everyday his true authentic nature, Iejnno aims for anyone who practices alongside him to do the same and connect deeper within our own selves. In his dynamic and challenging classes, one can expect precise alignment instruction, uplifting humor and discipline to go exceed one's limits.