Prior to teaching yoga, Geanette’s life was completely focused on career and all of the stresses that accompany typical Corporate America. Her life was
consumed with active physical workouts, weekly business travel and poor sleep. She lacked the time and energy for connection. Deep in her soul she was
longing for an inward focus, something to connect with a broader meaning.

Yoga changed Geanette’s life in a way she could have never imagined.

Geanette came to her yoga mat in 2008 and found a deep connection. In 2009 she began the journey toward her 500 hour yoga teaching certification in Sacramento, CA. Her teaching focus is designed to share the therapeutic aspects of stress relief, emotional health, self-awareness and meditation. In addition to yoga, she is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher offering hands on energy work during yoga sessions.

Geanette’s passion for teaching comes from her own experiences of personal growth by holding the space for others to connect with their innate sense of wisdom and joy. Her teaching focus provides a balance of mind body awareness through gentle flow, restorative and yin styles of yoga. Off the mat Geanette enjoys spending time at the beach, drinking wine with friends, hiking, dog walking and mindful meditation.