Yoga and Courtney first met in 2006, and their relationship got off to a rocky start. Having a significant mind-body disconnect at that time in her life, yoga felt challenging on so many levels that she wanted nothing to do with it. Yet something kept pulling her back to class after class after class! Over a decade later, Courtney is no longer in denial about her love for yoga and respects that it is truly a lifelong study and practice. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Soulshine Yoga in 2016. 

Courtney also loves her job as a hospice nurse, and feels it is an incredible honor to share intimate "soul moments" both off the mat with her patients and on the mat with fellow yogis. She feels that working in hospice has given her a much deeper understanding of the breath, and keeps her in constant study of many other yogic teachings such as loving and letting go. 

Courtney is also a spinning instructor, and taught violin for 13 years. Music was her first true love, and this is evident in her classes as she adores including a wide range of musical treasures. Courtney likes to explore silence too, and has practiced various styles of meditation and energy work since 2008 including Vipassana meditation, Qi Gong, and Pranic Healing. Courtney's intent for her classes is that students strengthen their trust, love, and connection with themselves.