Aminy loves yoga and nothing is more apparent when she’s at the studio. Aminy’s soothing presence is infectious, providing her students and staff a safe and inviting atmosphere. Her classes are fun, but challenging, with an emphasis on alignment and structural awareness.

Aminy received her 200-hour training in Raja Yoga, a form of yoga intended to achieve control over the mind and emotions and to embrace a spiritual understanding of the ancient practice. She continues her studies in vinyasa flow, yin, and Yoga Therapy. 

She is a native San Diegan, a lover of trees, and super long hugs. She began practicing yoga in college and fell in love immediately. The mat provides refuge and balance to every aspect of her life. For Aminy, yoga is not about the tricks or the postures; it is about finding one’s center amidst the challenges and chaos of the world. She truly enjoys watching this transformational practice unfold for both herself and her students. Committed to the ever evolving process that is our yoga practice, she is specifically interested in the ways that yoga can open us up to our inner light, our truth, and authenticity. Most often you'll find heart and soul expansion as the focus for class.